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I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni
Victionary & TwoPoints.net:
I Love Bodoni
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Designed in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni, the serif font Bodoni drew inspiration from elements of the English typeface Baskerville and the French typeface Didot, with the result widely-regarded as one of the most influential and easily-recognized typefaces in history.
I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (1) I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (2)
I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (3) I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (4)
I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (5) I Love Type Series (vol. 3): I Love Bodoni (6)
Giambattista has been called "the father of modern type" and the typeface Bodoni is at once modern and traditional. A study in contrasts, the extreme variance between thick and thin strokes lends boldness and body to the typeface.

Bodoni has been used in everything from 18th century Italian books to 1960s periodicals, and early versions of the typeface are still used for fine book printing. Popular for poster use, it has graced diverse ad campaigns from Mamma Mia! to Nirvana.

This graceful illustrated volume comprehensively explores the broad scope of experimental and creative design ideas that have been realized using Bodoni.

160 pages, Paperback, 6 1/4'' x 9'' (160 x 230 mm)
color illustrations throughout, English
ISBN: 978-988-17328-5-9  $ 29.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Ahonen & Lamberg
almost Modern
An Art Service
Axel Peemoeller
Big Active
Bureau Mirko Borsche
Dani Navarro &
    Bendita Gloria
Daniel Carlsten
Dominie Prevost
Emmanuel Rey
Everything Design
Experimental Jetset
Felix Müthe
Filip Matejícek
Gloor & Jandl
Henrik Nygren Design
Hi/Megi Zumstein
Claudio Barandun
Hype Type Studio /
    Paul Hutchinson
Joe Hinder
Jonas Hegi
Julian Bittiner
Lesley Moore
Manifesto Futura
Mind Design
Neil Donelly
Neo Neo
Niels Schrader &
    Eike Dingler
Oliver Dachsenbichler
Paulus M. Dreibholz
Pot & van der Velden
Roanne Adams
Robi Jòeleht
Robin Snasen Rengard
Shaz Madani
Sort Design
Studio Astrid Stavro
Studio Laucke
Studio Spass /
    Jaron Korvinus
    & Daan Mens
Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne
us (design studios)
Why Not Smile Grafik
Xavier Barrade
About the Series:
I Love Type Series
Every designer has a favorite type­face. More than a vehicle to transport words onto a page, a typeface can express taste, style, opinion, and attitude. The typeface a designer uses — and how he has manipulated it — reveals the personality and aesthetic of the designer himself.
Using a selection of high-quality graphic design work for books, promotional materials, signage and more, each book in the “I Love Type” series highlights a single typeface and its prevalence in the design community. This narrow focus lends itself to an in-depth study of each typeface — how the same font can be altered to create different moods and generate an entirely original effect.
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