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Type Image
Barbara Brownie:
Type Image
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One of the most comprehensive surveys of type ever published, Type Image showcases contemporary works that challenge the type/image divide. Letters, words, and phrases in Type Image are playfully crafted into landscapes, portraits, objects, or textures and patterns. Attention is paid to punctuation, pictorial typefaces, and designers’ takes on the contemporary mainstream use of emoticons.
Type Image (1) Type Image (2)
Type Image (3) Type Image (4)
Type Image (5) Type Image (6)
Type Image (7) Type Image (8) Type Image (9)
The accompanying text illuminates the history and relevancy of images composed from type. This collection draws on poster art and the beatnik “shape poetry” tradition of forming shapes out of typewritten words to represent the subject of the poem.

The projects are vibrantly three-dimensional, with sculptural wordplay from jewelry design to signage to typographic landscapes envisioned in the middle of roads and neighborhoods. Hanging apples are carved with curled phrases, Garamond lettering is literally built up out of sand and then photographed being eroded by the rising tide, and cartographic maps are decoratively composed of neighborhood names-illustrating the creative potential of typographic imagery.

224 pages, Paperback, 7 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' (184 x 260 mm)
500 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-442-5  $ 39.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Adam Poole
Aileen Murphy
Alex Camacho
Alex Engelmann
Alex Hohlov
Alex Varanese
Alisha Giroux
Allison Wilton
Amir Chasson
Amy Fedeska
Anastasia Gerali
André Baumgart
Andreas Leonidou
Andrew Dernavich
Andrew Hall
Andrew Thorne
Anna Jacobs
Anna Robertson
Arie Hadianto
Asja Boros
Atelier Graphique
      Malte Martin
Barbara Brownie
Barry See
Berk Kizilay
Bill Mayer
Blake Fawley
Bold & Noble
Bonnie Nguyen
Brian Banton
Brian Castleforte
Brian Lee
Brittany Scales
Cameron Moll
Camille Baudelaire
Cary Da Costa
Catherine LaPointe
Cesar Esparza
Charlie Mitchell
Chris Blakely
Chris Labrooy
Chris Lozos
Christopher Tarampi
Cole Johnston
Corey Price
Cory Fitzpatrick
Daniel J. Gibson /
      DJG Design
Daniel Schmid
Dave Wood
David Karlstrom
David Yenga
Dmitry Karpov
Dominik Wisniewski
Eliana Becerra
Emily Burtner
Ethan Park
Franklin Benavides
Grant Walker
Greg Meadows
Guarav Bhadauria
Gui Borchert
Harshal Desai
Hermann Zapf
Holly K. Whitney
Jamal Ahmad
James Bridle
Jarrell Goh
Jason Cook
Jason Ramirez
Jean-Marc Gerhards
Jeff Clark
Jen Murse
Jennifer Cruz
Jens Jørgen Hansen
Jeope Wolfe
Jim Lind
Jodie Silsby
John Burgess
John O'Grady
John Skelton
Jonathan Oerez
Jorunn Musil
Jose Antonia Perona
Joshua Jay Tetreault
Juli†n Dorado
Julie Mattke
Julieta Cossari
Kalle Hagman
Kate Toropygina
Katia Daniel
Kelly Kingman
Kenneth Turner
Kevin van der Kooi
Kiki Tohme
Kristin Joiner
Kyle Rose
Laura Bertinelli
Lauren Chaikin
Le Viet Dung
Leander Herzog
Leonard Clagett
Linden Laserna
Little Factory
Louise Lawlor
Luarni Sim
Luke Chanis
Luke Kitt
Manolo Guerrero
Mara Hernandez
Marco Filinesi
Maria Piva
Maris Hartmanis
Mark Boroyan
Mark Koenig
Mark Webber
Meagan Buratto
Megan Fizell
Michelle Lam
Mirjana Lolic
Mohammad Hamad
Morgan Sobel
Morris Fuller Benton
Moses Y. Pranata
Niamh Smith
Nick Konings
Ork Inc.
Palette Industries
Parul Kanodia
Paul K. Wirth
Rafael Chaves
Rafal Fedro
Raquel Arana
Raquel Quevedo
Razan Suliman
Remco van der Meer
Richard Banks
Richard Sykes
Robin Camille
Robin Camille David
Ron Miriello
Ronen Cohen
Ryan Riegner
Ryon Nishimori
S J Engraving
Sarah Mick
Satasha Wong
Scott Garner
Simon Page
Sloban Jesijevic
Stefan Chinof
Stefan Holodnick
Stephen E Nigl
Steve Cardno
Stuart Wade
Susan Angebranndt
Tang Yau Hoong
Tanner Ochel
Tariq Yossef
Teresa Cunningham
Tereza Cenic
Thomas Nebesar
Tino Meinert
ToDo Design
Troy Bedingfield
Valerie Spencer
Vhan Kim
Vian Peanu
Victoria Herford
Victorian Tran
Viktor Nübel
Will Scobie
Winzton Mondilla
Yen-Hui (Irene) Shih
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