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GIANT Eternal (book) NEW TITLE
Michael LeSage and Roger Gastman:
GIANT Eternal
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International icon of black ink, artist Michael (GIANT) LeSage incorporates a broad swathe of influences and skills in the creation of a singular, unmistakable aesthetic. Mike's central practice, drawing, is informed by his training in architectural drafting, his illustrious career as a tattooist and worldwide exploits writing on walls.
GIANT Eternal (1) GIANT Eternal (2)
GIANT Eternal (3) GIANT Eternal (4)
GIANT Eternal (5) GIANT Eternal (6)
GIANT Eternal (7) GIANT Eternal (8)
Within his latest and most complete monograph, the reader will enjoy photos of perfectly executed tattoos, page after page of Mike's inscrutable tattoo flash, hand lettering nonpareil, and of course tons of drawings, graffiti pieces and action shots.

GIANT's worldwide travels — inking people, places and finer drawing paper around the world from Amsterdam to London, Thailand, Toronto, New York and back home to San Francisco are also given due prominence. Buddhism, track bikes, designing for apparel brand Rebel8, and painting fill Lesage's hours, but at the end of the day, it all comes full circle, back to his unwaveringly mindful solid black lines.

320 pages, Hardcover, 9 1/4'' x 11 1/4'' (235 x 286 mm)
680 color and b/w illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-502-6  $ 39.95
About the Artist:
Giant – Eternal (1)
Birth. Upstate New York. Drawing. New Mexico. BMX bikes. Heavy Metal. Skateboarding. Punk rock. Hip-hop. Thailand. College. Dishwasher. Raves. Lorelei. First tattoo. San Francisco. Dharma. Think Skateboards. Angi. London. Adult bookstore. Computer animation. Tattooing. New York City. Newskool. Skullz Press. Everlasting. Track bikes. Brooke and Leia. Tokyo. Tattoo 13. Plum Village. Albuquerque. Stay Gold. REBEL8. Manifestations. Ordained minister. Megan. 36. Amsterdam. Right here. Right now.
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