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ABOVE - Passport (book) NEW TITLE
Blaine Fontana (design):
ABOVE: Passport
Introductions by: Shepard Fairey, FAILE, Tristan Manco, and Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective
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This giant coffee table book explores the artwork of ABOVE, the prolific anonymous street artist who has thrown up art in over 90 cities in 60 different countries. ABOVE got his start tagging freight trains in California in 1995 and has been creating public art ever since.
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ABOVE - Passport (1) ABOVE - Passport (9)
ABOVE - Passport (4) ABOVE - Passport (5)
ABOVE - Passport (7) ABOVE - Passport (6)
ABOVE - Passport (2) ABOVE - Passport (8)
Designed as a giant passport album / scrapbook / manifesto by Blaine Fontana, this title is both a beautiful street art volume and a virtual journey around the world through the eyes of one man, and is packed with hundreds of full-color plates accompanied by insight by those who know ABOVE or are just awed by him.

ABOVE is well known for his large scale playful typographic murals ("By the time you read this, I’ll already be gone"), multi-layer stencils, and wooden arrows painted with words and then placed pointing upward in the urban landscape. These pieces subtly alter everyday paths, jolting people out of their routines and causing them instead to look up and focus on what may have otherwise been overlooked. ABOVE: Passport is a gorgeous testament to street art’s ability to function as a challenge, ideal, and positive impact in society.

"The Karma Police are not coming for ABOVE even if the police vandal squad is."
—Shepard Fairey
156 pages, Hardcover, 12 1/4'' x 12 1/4'' (311 x 311 mm)
270 color illustrations, English

ISBN: 978-1-937222-03-1  $ 55.00
About the Artist:
ABOVE - Passport (9)
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"I first encountered ABOVE’s art on the streets of Paris in early 2003. His large scale trademark arrows were painted on roll down gates, trucks and storefronts with impressive coverage throughout the city. ABOVE is extraordinarily driven. To paraphrase Radiohead, “ambition can make you look pretty ugly,” but in ABOVE’s case, his ambition makes the streets look very engaging. I am very impressed by ABOVE’s diligence, but after I got to know him and his artwork more, I began to realize that his output is not evidence of selfish ego, but of a lust for life, a utopian life, where his generosity, and curiosity, and his pursuit of creativity and social-consciousness have led him around the world making more friends than enemies.

ABOVE made the time to act as tour guide for me and my wife and our two young daughters in a city he knows well and we didn’t. The gesture made me greatly value ABOVE’s friendship and reinforced my belief that what you give is what you get. The Karma Police are not coming for ABOVE even if the police vandal squad is."

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