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Cosplay: Made in Japan NEW TITLE
Yuji Susaki:
Made in Japan
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Costume Play originally emerged from Japanese anime and game cultures, and is now fed by the fertile imagination of Cosplayers the world over.
Cosplay: Made in Japan (1) Cosplay: Made in Japan (2)
Cosplay: Made in Japan (3) Cosplay: Made in Japan (4)
Cosplay: Made in Japan (5) Cosplay: Made in Japan (6)
Photographer Yuji Susaki revisits this fanciful fashion with a clear and reductive vision. Beautiful female models, clad in 17 original costumes such as samurai, nurse, sailor, nun, dracula and cat, are impeccably posed and photographed close-in against all-white backdrops.

In Cosplay: Made in Japan, the author creates characters according to his unique eye, bringing this international phenomenon home to Japan again. This is Yuji Susaki's fourth book; he currently lives and works in Japan.

192 pages, Hardcover, 7'' x 9 1/2'' (178 x 241 mm)
129 color photographs, English
ISBN: 978-4-905156-08-6  $ 39.95
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