Dark Fashion World
Qian Jing Xi

Dark Fashion World

Published by CYPI
224 pages, Paperback
8 1/4" X 10 1/4"
500 Illustrations, ISBN: 9781908175663


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Dark Fashion World showcases nearly 20 emerging fashion designers from around the world who push the boundaries of modern fashion, leading fashion and design fans and professionals into a dark world of visual delight. The projects within strive to evoke a sense of the traditional Victorian Gothic as well as new, more contemporary darknesses. Leather, vinyl and metal all have their place, but the pieces featured also turn to satin, floral accessories and fur in surprising ways that draw viewers out of the light and into a space defined by uncanny beauty. Designers even utilize bright colors and bold patterns for unsettling effects that can inspire dread as well as delight. With an eye for the bizarre and a deep affection for an aesthetic both romantic and sinister, Dark Fashion World reveals the essence and secrets of the diverse culture of dark fashion couture.