Book Proposals

Gingko Press seeks to keep its publishing program surprising and dynamic. As such, we are open to reviewing author submissions in a variety of forms. You are welcome to mail in printed materials or to submit an electronic proposal. We have acquired and developed projects in various states of preparedness ranging from a shoebox of photographs to practically print-ready files. Before submitting your proposal, please have a look around our website and try to imagine where your book might fit in. We have yet to publish fiction – we’re not averse to the idea, but we haven’t seen the right project yet.

Helpful assets include:

  • Sample designs and art representative of your project
  • Outlines or draft tables of contents
  • For photography projects: thematic and aesthetic consistency is desirable, we’d prefer this type of proposal rather than a general portfolio submission.

Electronic submissions:

Please keep attachments under 10mb otherwise your submission will not be received. If you wish to submit larger files please send a download link in the body of your email.

Printed submissions:

If you wish to submit printed materials please DO NOT send any original art or manuscripts, only copies. We will exercise due care with submissions, but do not accept responsibility for the safety of your materials. If you would like to receive your materials back, please DO include a self-addressed envelope with proper return postage. Please also include contact information including your phone number and email address.

Gingko Press Inc.

Editorial Submissions
217 W Richmond Ave, Suite C
Richmond, CA 94801

Feedback from Gingko Press on your submission: Due to the volume of submissions we don’t always have time to respond to every project with an in-depth answer. However, we do endeavor to reply on an 8-12 week schedule as we have quarterly acquisitions meetings. Please do not follow-up within this timeframe unless it’s extremely urgent.