Graphic Fest

Graphic Fest

Spot-on Identity for Festivals and Fairs

Published by Victionary
ISBN: 9789887850120


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Event planning is no small task, with many elements all needing to work together to add up to more than the sum of their parts. One underappreciated component of successful events is visual identity. Much more than a background concern, the design of festival signage and materials is central to visitor experience. How does one maintain continuity in a festival that has a different theme every year? For festivals that have the same theme each year, how can the visual branding be tweaked and riffed on in order to ensure that each year stands out from previous installments? Graphic Fest outlines a systematic approach to building a visual identity for an event, including logos, souvenirs, environment and type design, with the overall goal of conveying your message to a large and varied audience. The ultimate resource guide for event design.