Paper Toys: Monsters (New Edition)

Paper Toys: Monsters (New Edition)

11 Paper Monsters to Build

Published by Gingko Press
ISBN: 9781584237235


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The follow-up to one of the bestselling volumes in the Paper Toy series, this new edition by Niark is the ultimate monster makeover. Using the same silhouettes as the previous volume but with all new vibrant colors and patterns that take their designs to the next level, these unique paper monsters are sure to shock and amaze. From the garish, to the ghoulish and all points between, the variety within will please any little builders wishing to breathe life into these creations. Some sprout horns, antlers or wings, others have extra eyes, mouths or appendages, all have personality. Printed on durable cardstock and die-cut, each toy is easy to assemble with no glue or scissors needed.